Je suis entrepreneure, fondatrice et directrice de The School of Life à Paris, conférencière et consultante en créativité, experte ès conversations. Mon premier livre sortira en mars 2017 chez KERO Editions (groupe Hachette).
Vous pouvez me contacter ici.


I am a French entrepreneur, director of The School of Life Paris, teacher, speaker, consultant and author. I have led a successful career in fashion for about 10 years, that brought me to live in Dubai, Milan, Boston and Paris. I am now an entrepreneure, currently based in Paris (but still I enjoy travelling quite a lot…)
I am passionate about empowering and inspiring other people achieving their goals, and delivering their message to the world.
But I am always curious and excited discovering and discussing new projects or ventures, so you may contact me anytime , or email me !