Lettres d’un Inconnu

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Depuis quand n’avez vous pas reçu une belle lettre ? Lettres d’un Inconnu était ma toute première boîte.
Une toute petite start-up, dont la mission est de faire revivre l’art épistolaire. L’aventure a été suivie par des milliers de personnes, et a créé un joli buzz dans la presse, mais j’ai hélas dû mettre ce merveilleux projet- passion entre parenthèses, car il me prenait trop de nuits blanches par mois. J’en ferai certainement un beau livre, en 2016…


Lettres d’un Inconnu was my very first business venture.
It is a start-up whith the mission to revive the lost art of letter writing.

Even though it was a side-project for me, from which I never earned a cent, it allowed me to connect and share my love of letter writing with 5.000 subscribers from around the world.

Lettres d’un Inconnu received a very positive reception from the press and online media. It was featured in Le Monde, Monocle, Elle (3 times!), Le Figaro (about 3 times as well!), My Little Paris, Merci Alfred, and many more blogs and supporters.

After 2 years and a half years of devoting many sleepless nights a month to hand prepare each and every letter, I made the very difficult decision to cease operations. I am planning on compiling the letters, these little treasures, into a book to be published (hopefully!) in 2016.

Discover the most beautiful video here.

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