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—Fanny Auger, as entrepreneur—

I can be found in:

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as well as in Elle Belgique, Le Républicain Lorrain, The Checkpoint, Happy Happenings by Au Féminin, and Business O Feminin.

On the benefits of failure:

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—The School of Life Paris—

The School of Life Paris, which I am the director of, is found in:

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as well as in Les Echos, Le Monde, L’express Styles, Arte, L’OBS, Marmiton, GQ, etc. Find all press related to The School of Life Paris directly on its official press page.


—Lettre d’un Inconnu—

Lettre d’un Inconnu is found in:

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as well as in Elle, Figaro Scope, Le Monde, My Little Paris, NEON, and various blogs! Read more here.

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