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Je suis consulante pour des entreprises et des marques (de mode ou autres), et quelques start-ups successful. Ce sont toujours mes clients qui viennent me chercher, pour me demander des missions « spéciales », donner de l’esprit et du contenu, enrichir l’ADN de la marque.

Vous pouvez me contacter à cette adresse si vous êtes intéressé(e): en précisant bien quel est votre objectif.


I am an enthusiastic entrepreneure (yes, in French, it takes 1 E!!),
I consult in branding, positioning, storytelling.
I consult for fashion brands that are getting started (shoe business, fashion accessories, jewellery,…), or established brands that want to get a renewal,
I am the enthusiastic founder of The School of Life Paris and I manage it, that means I know quite a lot about starting and establishing a business, quite a lot about our contemporaries expectations, and I know how to address them,
I am a teacher and a speaker, at The School of Life where I teach a couple of best-selling classes, and for some corporate events or conferences, festivals and in some MBA program.
I am a connector: I have a flair for scouting talents, and therefore I still recruit for companies such as My Little Paris,… I have found a job to about 15 friends in my career, and am responsible for 2 marriages (and few babies…).
I am a curator: I search, curate and collect beautiful things and experiences, and share them with the world.
I am the one who found the beautiful offices of My Little Paris, featured in many books and magazines. Just because I was nice to the concierges and real estate agent!
I am also trying to give back, by mentoring some younger entrepreneurs to help them bloom earlier (than i did!). I believe that what you give is what you get, and I’ve been very spoilt so far.

If you have an exciting project you want to share, I’d be delighted to hear from you:

Credit photo: Marion Colombani.