The School of Life


Découvrez The School of Life Paris, une petite école pour apprendre tout ce qu’on n’apprend pas à l’école.


I am the instigator, entrepreneur and Director of The School of Life Paris. I also teach few classes at the School.

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through culture. We offer a variety of programmes and services dedicated to living wisely and well.

The School of Life was first started in London, in 2008, by the philosopher Alain de Botton. Find out more here.

I established The School of Life to Paris in April 2014, first in association with my dear friends from My Little Paris, and now on my own.

It is a fantastic venture, where I have the chance to meet, create, curate and connect with wonderful people; including authors, speakers, makers an other entrepreneurs… I also teach few classes such as “How to have better conversations”, “Dress for Success”, and a free classes for Millenials entitled “How to find a Job you love”.

To find out more about The School of Life Paris, visit our website.