What you give is what you get


I know, it sounds  a bit hypocrite, but I am convinced that most of the time, in life, you get what you have attracted.

My parents have always been volunteers in some great projects such as the CCFD, and other ventures. I had great examples at home of honest and humble people doing their best, on their small scale, to make a difference. Like helping refugees, collecting food and goods for the poorer, giving our blood several times a year.

I believe we do not have to be heroes to make a difference, or to wait for That day. We can start today. Here and now. Small steps.

When I was a student, I was a volunteer in an association, teaching French to refugees who recently arrived.
Nowadays, I mentor a couple of young talented women, and I teach a free class at The School of Life, once a month, for a young audience (16 to 25 years old): “How to find a job you love”. It is always full, and so successful that I have started teaching it within associations or MBA Schools!

And I must admit it is always a pleasure to teach it: I get so much back, it is truly inspiring and uplifting !

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  1. Michele Prince
    24 August 2015 at 16 h 01 min (6 years ago)

    Your energy is out of this world, it gave me the drive to dare
    You were and still is my power lady friend that I consider as a mentor of life

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