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My first book is on its way, to be published in February 2016 in France. It will be about dressing for success the posture of successs, self-confidence, courage, daring and women leadership. À la française.

I have been writing since I’m a child: writing bed time stories and tales for my younger siblings, poetry and short stories.

I have been blogging since 2007, on various personal blogs.

I have also written for My Little Paris, about French étiquette and fashion.

I have a (secret) blog where I write about one of my passion, Vintage: I believe every object has a story, and I try to tell their secrets. Sorry, but it’s in French.

Last but not least,my first venture was a very romantic website, that mission was to revive the forgotten art of letter writing: Lettres d’un Inconnu.

Photo Credit: Johanna Fritz.